Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Following Your Instructions

I follow your instructions, Sir. I go to the adult toy store were you purchased the collar and I find, not one, but two goodies that I hope you’ll like. Something fun but maybe a little devious too. An anal plug with something akin to kegel balls inside. The balls have some weight to them and move as the wearer moves forcing the muscles to react by squeezing tighter. The woman behind the counter tells me that it is a brand new item and should be fun for both men and women. I smile and think to myself that I might have gotten myself into more trouble than I realize.

Boarding the 3-hour flight home, I settled into my upgraded seat (all those business trips are good for something). Glad to have a big seat, the window, my Kindle and my earphones so I can avoid any conservation with my neighbor. I’m looking forward to feeling your power engulfing me again in a few short hours.

The seat beside me remains empty until the door closes. Then a tall man walks confidently in, puts his bag above and sits. I’m focused on my Kindle (admittedly, a rather racy book by one of my favorite BDSM authors) and sending the ‘don’t try to talk to me’ signals. I’m pretty sure I’m not of much interest anyway as I’m traveling casually. No makeup. Blonde hair pulled back into a simple braid. T-shirt and jeans.

Once in the air, he orders vodka and tonic. I order gin and tonic. He turns and smiles at me. “I’m Graham”, he pauses. “Gin and tonic. More classic.” “Yes. I agree,” I respond with a smile. I felt his eyes assessing me. “More aromatic.” While we quietly eat dinner, I make sure my wedding ring is noticeable. The unassuming steel ring that binds me to you Sir.

I pull out my laptop to do a little work. I see that you are also online and I greet you. “Did you follow my instructions?” “Yes, Sir,” I promptly respond.

“What did you buy me?” Acutely aware of my neighbor, I turn down the brightness and turn slightly in an attempt to hide my screen. I describe the toy briefly. “Tell me more,” you ask. I’m blushing, “Can I tell you when I land, Sir?” “Why?," you ask. I explain about Graham. “Oh? You know his name”.  I blush harder and hope that I haven’t disappointed you. I explain that he introduced himself. You press harder, asking me what else has happened.

I explain about the drink conversation and that I felt him checking me out. I quickly add that I’m not done up to warrant such attention.  There is no immediate response from you. I’m waiting, trying to be calm.

Finally, a message appears. “Give your laptop to him.” I can’t believe my eyes. What!?! “Sir?,” I ask. “You understand me,” you respond quickly. “And tell him that your Master wishes to converse with him.”

I pause. I turn to Graham and tell politely tell him that my Master wishes to chat with him. I'm red. His eyes narrow and he takes my laptop. I avert my eyes since I’m sure you do not wish me to see the conversation. After what seems like forever, Graham returns the laptop to me. You are there. “Follow his instructions. Do not hesitate.”

I look up at Graham expectedly. He smiles. “Where is the new toy?,” he asks. I’m suddenly hotter and redder than I have ever imagined. I whisper, “My laptop bag.” “Naughty girl,” he grinned. I look down. I feel your presence surrounding me.

“Take it out. Go to the lavatory and place it where it belongs,” he tells me. Adding quietly, “In your lovely ass.”

The breathe leaves me and I stand to step over Graham. He grabs my arm, pulls me down and adds, “Shame you have jeans on. Remove your bra.”

I stumble to the small room and pull the toy out of the box, grateful that I left it in the black bag from the store. I look at the toy and wonder how to lubricate the toy. “Your pussy, sugar,” I hear your voice inside my head. I’m soaked. Of course, you Sir, would know that I would be at this time.

I push the toy inside me and feel it’s power. Your power. I resist the temptation to play for too long and push it slowly inside the part of my snug body you and Graham desire.

I return to the seat and swiftly tuck my bra into my bag. Graham smiles and tells me that we will be landing soon, while leaning over to pinch my freed nipples. I submit and feel the kegels shifting inside. My panties are drenched.

I quietly sit while Graham softly tells me how he would use me. I’m dizzy and cannot remember how I got to this moment. I know you expect me to make you proud.

We land and walk towards the train. As I turn to go to baggage claim, Graham grabs me and smothers me with a kiss. Almost like the ones you give me. Graham tries to own me for the moment and slowly reaches up to pinch my left nipple. All I feel is you, Sir. If his mouth wasn’t holding me, I would squeak.

As quickly as he held me, he releases me, turns and heads to another terminal. I’m on auto-pilot and go to our meeting place, feeling the plug and kegels shifting inside. You see me and hold me tightly. I feel your power, Sir. The scent of you embraces me. "Good girl," you say and my body thrills. "I'm very happy that you followed my instructions." I’m barely standing but follow your guidance into the car.

After a few minutes, you ask, “What other toy did you bring me?”

Friday, July 19, 2013


You are quiet as we drive through the darkness. My breathe is short as street lights pass overhead. The underbust corset is tight and my pulse races. Your collar feels tighter around my neck than normal but I feel sure it is my nervousness. I close my eyes, breathe deeply, and silently will myself to relax.

You reach over, place your hand on my thigh. I jump slightly but you tell me, ‘Relax, sugar’. The word seems to lick at every inch of my skin. I melt. Everytime. I sigh and do your bidding.

After parking, you open my door. I place my hand in yours and feel my legs weaken. I am glad you are holding me so I remember to breathe. We’ve been to the club before in clothes suitable for clubbing but not true dungeon attire. And certainly not with my naughty bits exposed.

You take my coat and ask for my skirt. Only my corset and boots remain. My nipples harden in the cool air and I feel my pussy flood. You smile at me. I stand a little straighter and breathe a little easier. I only desire to make you proud. 

Entering the dungeon, I follow as you stop to observe a few scenes. Through lowered eyes, my face flushes excitedly as I watch a submissive receive a caning. I can almost feel the bite of the cane on my flesh. You watch me for a moment and softly say, ‘The night is early, sugar’. My stomach flip-flops. I have no idea what you have planned for me. For us.

You find a comfortable chair near a corner and instruct me to kneel at your feet on a nearby cushion. After a moment, you ask me to bring you something to drink. My heart pounds as I walk through the crowd to the dining room. I am one of many subs in the dungeon but feel as if I’m the only one naked and exposed. Vulnerable. And yet, I know you are watching me. I am safe. I am free to please you Sir.

Returning with your neat scotch and, after your nod, I return to my cushion. You reach over and absent-mindedly caress my breast. I’m happy that I accomplished my mission and you are pleased. You tear me from my reverie with an unexpected pinch to the underside of my breast.

“Yes, Sir?” I squeak.

“Your knees are to be spread. Wide,” you demand. “Everyone in this room should be able to see your excitement at serving your Master.”

I quickly comply. My face is hot as my pussy lips cool in the air. I can feel the dampness coating them. Everyone will know that I am naughty. I am shameless. I close my eyes to hide and the room spins.

“Open ‘em, sugar. Open your eyes and see the desire,” you say.

I scan the room and see a couple Doms observing us. I remain still as you stroke and pinch my breasts. Breathing has become difficult and the corset tightens. I know and hope I will have marks to admire for the next few days.

“Let me help you, sugar,” as you guide me to a kneeling position facing you. “Maybe it will be easier if you can’t see them watching you. Watching you pleasure your Master.”

I can only nod as I unbutton your pants. I am frightened but I need to please you. It isn't pride, it is hardwired into me. I need you to make me feel you. Your cock is hot and reassuring and I can focus on your pleasure and not the eyes that dive into my modesty. Pressing your cock to my cheek, I am consoled. I gently lick the pre-come and draw you into my mouth. I allow myself to become intoxicated with your smell, your taste, your hardness.

Stroking my hair, “I did not give you permission to close your knees. Open them wide for your audience,” you command. “Let them see what I know to be true.”

Obeying, my face burns and tears threatened to spill from my eyes. I now feel the dampness on my thighs. My pussy drips shamelessly. For all to see. I press my tongue against your cock to keep from sobbing aloud. I revel in the feeling of your pulse as I push myself down on you and fight my gag reflex.

Your firm grip in my hair pulls me from your cock, I gasp and face you. Tears now roll down my face as I feel my wetness drip further down my thighs. You softly play with my breasts and nipples as I look deeply into the darkness of your eyes. The darkness there calms me as you say, “You have pleased me, sugar. You have obeyed me as I pushed you.”

Your finger trails my cheek and jaw. “I will now push you further and I know that you will follow my instructions without fail.” I pray that I can complete your request.

I am soothed by your voice as you continue, “You will have no fear. Only the satisfaction of pleasing your Master.”

I am hypnotized by your eyes. Your sureness. I will do anything to please you Sir. I belong to you. My heart, my soul, my body.

“Now you will continue to pleasure me. You will not remove your mouth until I give you permission. For any reason. You will await my instruction,” you tell me flatly.

Nodding numbly, I return my mouth to your cock. I breathe deeply, close my eyes and feel the pulse of your cock against my lips. There is nothing else. I sense you sipping your drink and gesture to someone. I have no fear. Only trust in you.

Startled, I feel a hand stroke my ass but I will not disappoint you. Another hand touches the wetness that has dripped down my thigh and follows the trail to my pussy. I feel adrenaline race through my body and am light-headed. My mind reminds me that your pleasure and orders are all that matter. I wish only to please you.

Fingers push inside and my pussy flutters. I hear a deep voice say approvingly, “Very wet. ” More fingers stretch me and I struggle to keep from pressing against them. It will not please you if I am distracted from your pleasure. The fingers stroke my clit and my battle to remain still is almost lost. I gag as I push my mouth down on your cock further to ensure I am pleasing you.

“Nice,” the voice purrs.

Your hand brushes by hair. The fingers thrust inside me repeatedly and then leave. I hear a whistle and then the sharp sting of a cane on my ass. I moan and focus on your taste. The presence of your cock consumes me. My ears buzz and I hear only my breathing. 

Again, the bite of the cane finds it way to my thighs. I suck harder, drawing you into me. The cane taps against my ass and then tickles my pussy.  I am grounded only by your cock. I silently beg myself to remain worthy of you.

The cane searches again for a weakness. Harder. Quicker. My ass, thighs and pussy lips are hot. There is only the cane and your pulsing cock. I feel your orgasm approach as you swell in my mouth. The cane is no longer gentle but punishing my tender white skin. I feel the stripes grow with each additional strike. The cane searches and finds the already sensitive areas and threatens my resolve. You growl, hold me against you and empty into my mouth. The cane continues as I gulp your seed. Tears stream from my eyes as I soften into the cane. The world disappears around me. I am nothing. 

You pull me from your cock and rest my head upon your chest. The cane is gone. I feel slightly disappointed and relieved at the same time. You tell me to straighten your clothes and return to my place at your feet. My knees are spread and I am yours to display. We resume watching the dungeon scenes in front of us as you slowly finish your drink.

Eventually, you stand and take my hand. I float through the space and quietly accept my outerwear from you to depart.

In the car, watching the street lights pass, you stroke my thigh and tell me, “I am pleased, sugar.”

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Steel-Boned Binding

With a smile, you hand me the package that was in the mailbox. I look at the return address and squeal while ripping the package open. Quickly, I hand you the new item and hope for your approval. You smile gently and say, ‘Let’s put you in this”.

Naked from the waist up, I stand before you with the new corset containing me. This one is different though. It has an underbust cut so my breasts and, more importantly, my nipples are accessible to you at all times.

After cinching me to your satisfaction, you stand back to admire your work. I feel confined and exposed at the same time. I lower my eyes while feeling you take stock. My breathing is rapid and shallow. You put the small collar on me; the one that can pass as a fashion statement but has meaning for you and me. My breasts rise and fall with the exhilaration of knowing you are pleased along with the prospective of fulfilling your desires.

You hand me my shirt and tell me to put it on.  Without a bra. I disappointedly comply and go downstairs to make dinner while you assist with homework. Throughout the evening, I am intensely aware of my bare, and constantly erect, nipples rubbing against my shirt. Occasionally, I feel your stare and I have to catch my breathe while my pussy contracts. Bending over requires a little different maneuvering. I am imprisoned by you and feel my thong getting wetter by the moment.

Eventually, our daughter is in bed and you lazily sip scotch while I look at a magazine. I can’t focus on the words on the page. I am impatient and you are enjoying my flushed skin.

Finally, you stand and extend your hand to mine. I am electrified by your touch and follow you quietly to the bedroom. I patiently stand waiting. You are close. Your breath is on my cheek as you stroke a nipple through the fabric. You whisper softly, ‘All off. All except your cage’.  As I follow your order, I feel my skin flush despite the cool air.

Clasping my wrists behind my back, I see you are satisfied. More heat crosses my face. You gently pinch the underside of a breast. Then the other. Again, harder this time. More and more. Harder and harder. I struggle to stand. To breathe. Your hand caresses the corset as it travels down to my hips. A pinch to my thighs. Gasping and trying not to squirm, you continue pinching thighs and breasts at will.

You stop for a moment and I waver. Your steady hand holds my corset-covered waist while the other reaches down to feel my thighs wet with my craving. 

“Good girl. I like that you are wet for your Master.”

The world spins as you place me on the bed. Then, you have stripped and are pushing your cock inside my weeping pussy. I cry out with the suddenness. You grip my waist, tightening the compression, to leverage your position. The restraint of the corset combined with your grip pushes me to the edge.

“Please, please, please”, tumbles out.

“No”, you deny me.

Your strong fingers encircle my throat. I am delirious. Breathless. Panting, I beg again. “Please, Sir”.

You stop and lean in close.  “Who do you belong to?”

Your grip on my throat feels as tight as the corset. I cannot move. Gulping for air, I cry out, “You, Sir”.

You brutally lunge into me. I am sobbing. “You, you, you, you.”

You roar inside me. Clamping your hand over my mouth, you issue your command, “Give me your orgasm”.

I burst within the confines of your control, screaming as I surrender to your demand. My pleasure is yours, Sir.
As surely as the corset binds me, I am bound to you, Sir.
I am yours, Sir.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Safe In Your Arms

Sometimes I'm too bold for my own good,
I go out swinging hard and fast.
This world is beating me broken.
I need a home to rest.

Too quick in the first round,
Too slow in the second,
Now I'm here in the third,
And I need your attention.

I wanna be safe in your arms,
I wanna be safe in your arms,
I wanna be safe in your arms,
Safe in our home,
Safe in our land,
Safe in our world,
Safe in your arms.

It don't matter how strong I think I am,
I always need another heart,
To bind me to the moment.
To help me see myself.

Alive in the fourth round,
Collapsed in the fifth,
Now I'm here in the sixth,
And I need your belief.

I wanna be safe in your arms,
I wanna be safe in your arms,
I wanna be safe in your arms,
Safe in our home,
Safe in our land,
Safe in our world,
Safe in your arms.

Paula Cole/Greg Phillinganes

Monday, March 11, 2013

A good day

As I lie here, about to drift to sleep, I realize what a good day it was with you Sir.

I think back to the morning.
I awake to see the first light of the morning shining on the leaves of the trees outside. It is still dark enough that the leaves are black but the promise of the day is there. I turn my head to see you sleeping still. Heavy with the warmth of you in the bed, I tentatively reach out to caress your skin. Soft, warm and comforting.  You stir and open your eyes to see me smiling at you. Your arms reach out and pull me tight against your chest and a thrill goes through my body. I know it will be a good day.

A Sunday morning meeting take me away for a couple hours but, upon my return, I find a much needed breakfast. I snuggle into you and inhale your scent deeply. I am, as always, intoxicated and all thoughts leave my head. You insist on food and we then go to our next appointment together.

The day is sunny and starting to warm up. After the recent freezing temps, it feels like spring and we both remove our jackets. The sun warms our skin and our spirits. When we are finished, we enjoy a patio brunch to soak in more of the day and promise of spring. It is a good day to be alive.

Home again and I feel something shift in your mood. Your desire catches my breathe and I am drenched immediately. Your mouth assaults mine and I am captured. As always. I am captured by you over and over. Each time as exciting as the first. You turn me forcefully to face the bed and push me down. As you remove my belt, I’m whimpering. The need your touch. Any touch. Consume me. My pants are around my knees and my belt strikes my ass. Lightly at first. You know how to warm me up while you control my need. You are in charge. I am impatient but you govern the pace. The leather bites tantalizingly deep upon my thighs and I squirm.  I do not move to get away. I would never move away as I am yours to torment. Yours to dominate. Yours to take your pleasure. And you do. I hear your belt hit the floor and your cock claim my weeping pussy. Your pussy. Your pussy to fill.

You have other plans though. I groan at the departure of your cock. I want you but your desire, your pleasure must always come first. Your cock, very wet from my cravings, pushes gently against my ass. I feel my tempature rise and my breathe quicken. Please Sir, please use me as you desire. I loudly accept your cock, hear your groans of gratification and my pussy gush in response. Your are unrelenting in your ownership of my ass. Your ass. I feel you swell and roar your satisfaction. You bellow, “Come. Come for your Master.” I scream and claw my graditude.

We tumble into the bed together as our breathing returns to normal. As I start to drift off, my mind has one brief thought.

It is a good day to be yours, Sir.