Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Safe In Your Arms

Sometimes I'm too bold for my own good,
I go out swinging hard and fast.
This world is beating me broken.
I need a home to rest.

Too quick in the first round,
Too slow in the second,
Now I'm here in the third,
And I need your attention.

I wanna be safe in your arms,
I wanna be safe in your arms,
I wanna be safe in your arms,
Safe in our home,
Safe in our land,
Safe in our world,
Safe in your arms.

It don't matter how strong I think I am,
I always need another heart,
To bind me to the moment.
To help me see myself.

Alive in the fourth round,
Collapsed in the fifth,
Now I'm here in the sixth,
And I need your belief.

I wanna be safe in your arms,
I wanna be safe in your arms,
I wanna be safe in your arms,
Safe in our home,
Safe in our land,
Safe in our world,
Safe in your arms.

Paula Cole/Greg Phillinganes

Monday, March 11, 2013

A good day

As I lie here, about to drift to sleep, I realize what a good day it was with you Sir.

I think back to the morning.
I awake to see the first light of the morning shining on the leaves of the trees outside. It is still dark enough that the leaves are black but the promise of the day is there. I turn my head to see you sleeping still. Heavy with the warmth of you in the bed, I tentatively reach out to caress your skin. Soft, warm and comforting.  You stir and open your eyes to see me smiling at you. Your arms reach out and pull me tight against your chest and a thrill goes through my body. I know it will be a good day.

A Sunday morning meeting take me away for a couple hours but, upon my return, I find a much needed breakfast. I snuggle into you and inhale your scent deeply. I am, as always, intoxicated and all thoughts leave my head. You insist on food and we then go to our next appointment together.

The day is sunny and starting to warm up. After the recent freezing temps, it feels like spring and we both remove our jackets. The sun warms our skin and our spirits. When we are finished, we enjoy a patio brunch to soak in more of the day and promise of spring. It is a good day to be alive.

Home again and I feel something shift in your mood. Your desire catches my breathe and I am drenched immediately. Your mouth assaults mine and I am captured. As always. I am captured by you over and over. Each time as exciting as the first. You turn me forcefully to face the bed and push me down. As you remove my belt, I’m whimpering. The need your touch. Any touch. Consume me. My pants are around my knees and my belt strikes my ass. Lightly at first. You know how to warm me up while you control my need. You are in charge. I am impatient but you govern the pace. The leather bites tantalizingly deep upon my thighs and I squirm.  I do not move to get away. I would never move away as I am yours to torment. Yours to dominate. Yours to take your pleasure. And you do. I hear your belt hit the floor and your cock claim my weeping pussy. Your pussy. Your pussy to fill.

You have other plans though. I groan at the departure of your cock. I want you but your desire, your pleasure must always come first. Your cock, very wet from my cravings, pushes gently against my ass. I feel my tempature rise and my breathe quicken. Please Sir, please use me as you desire. I loudly accept your cock, hear your groans of gratification and my pussy gush in response. Your are unrelenting in your ownership of my ass. Your ass. I feel you swell and roar your satisfaction. You bellow, “Come. Come for your Master.” I scream and claw my graditude.

We tumble into the bed together as our breathing returns to normal. As I start to drift off, my mind has one brief thought.

It is a good day to be yours, Sir.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good Girl

Two little words that quicken my pulse.
Two little words that cause me to gasp.
Two little words that send shivers across my body.
Two little words that send a blush to my skin.
Two little words that make my stomach flip-flop.
Two little words that cause my pussy to spasm.
Two little words that stiffen my nipples.
Two little words that cause the world to disappear.
Two little words that caress and stroke my skin as surely as your breathe.

My only desire is to please you.

To be your Good Girl.